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Andrew Arce, of Techdesigno, Receives Google’s Certification for Digital Online Marketing

Andrew Arce of Techdesigno Receives Google’s Certification for Digital Online Marketing Image

Andrew Arce of Techdesigno’s Digital Web Design & Online Marketing Agency also recently completed Google’s Digital Marketing Certification Program. This certification trains and educates individuals to advance further the understanding and capabilities of supporting online publicity, promotions, and marketing to West Orange and Essex County local businesses. It teaches the importance of an online presence. You want customers to know you exist. That is why Google’s Digital Marketing Certification is so powerful. It educates in many facets of Online Marketing.

Google’s Digital Online Marketing Certification teaches about the following learning points:

1)      How To Best Utilize Social Media Platforms

2)      How To Do Digital Marketing

3)      How To Develop An Online Presence

4)      How To Raise Brand Awareness

5)      How To Make Your Business Searchable

6)      How To Effectively Advertise

A New South Orange, NJ Start-Up Business Owner Needed A Fast E-Commerce Website

A New South Orange, NJ Start-Up Business Owner Needed A Fast E-Commerce Website

We just recently launched a new website for one of our newest clients. This particular client needed a website in order to be able to run his business. He needed to show proof to his prospects that he indeed had a legitimate business. He called to schedule an appointment with us at our office in West Orange, NJ located in Essex County, NJ. We meet face-to-face to discuss his website requirements and discussed the best website solutions. During our meeting, the client told us, “I needed to have a website so that when a potential company or person asked what is my website address, I could immediately feel confident in giving them a professional-looking website that functioned to accept online payments, as well. He also said he wanted them to come to visit and conduct business with my CPR training company.” This was the client’s issues. He had a business, however, he needed a website not only to show potential clients, but he also needed a place where individuals could sign up for his classes and transact payments using credit cards. Here’s where we come in. We assessed his concerns, researched possible website technologies, and delivered the best solution possible.

The best solution the Techdesigno Team determined for his particular situation was quite helpful for his online business to succeed and solved multiple website concerns and online marketing goals. The website development and solution delivered the following benefits to the client:

John Mitrano, of Techdesigno, Receives Google’s Certification for Digital Online Marketing

John Mitrano of Techdesigno Receives Google’s Certification for Digital Online Marketing Image

John Mitrano of Techdesigno’s Digital Online Marketing Agency recently completed Google’s Digital Marketing Certification Program. This certification serves to train and educate an individual to further advance the understanding and capabilities of supporting online publicity, promotions, and marketing to West Orange and Essex County local businesses. These are organizations that are looking to create digital marketing campaigns, attract and engage customers, and sell products online.

Several members of the Techdesigno team are also in the process of completing the certification, as well. Google’s Digital Online Marketing Certification includes the following learning points:

1)      Using online communication platforms

2)      Digital marketing & publicity

3)      e-Commerce, Online Storefronts, and eCarts

4)      email Newsletters, eBulletins

5)      Social media Marketing Platforms

6)      Search Engines Optimization (SEO)

7)      Display advertising, Cost-Per-Click (CPC), and Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

Livingston, NJ Deli Gets Website Redesign From Online Marketing Agency

Contractor Business Located In West Orange NJ Gets WordPress Website Training

When Eppes Essen wanted to redesign their website, they contacted Techdesigno, a West Orange digital web design agency and online marketing company to assist them. Once we received the green light to start the project we brainstormed ideas on what the site would look like. Considering the fact that Eppes Essen was a Jewish Deli based in Livingston NJ, we envisioned an elegant website with an emphasis on a variety of foods being featured all across the site. The moment we discussed online marketing strategies for that idea, we set out to implement the new design.

One of the requests that the owner of Eppes Essen wanted us to fulfill is to keep the mobile version of the website similar to their previous website. This meant that the mobile site would navigate very similarly to a mobile application. Our aim was to abide by his request and also make improvements where applicable. One such improvement that was made is the ease of access to their Social Media channels. We designed their mobile site so that everything is easy to use and navigate. One of the important aspects of the mobile site that we wanted to keep in mind is the patrons that Eppes Essen typically serves. Since their customer base is typically on the older side, we used high-contrast colors to help those with sight difficulties.

Why You Should Embrace Social Media And Why It Is Important To Raising Brand Awareness For Your NJ Business

5 Ways to Better Manage SPAM for your Business Website located in Essex County NJ Image

When it comes to Social Media, everyone who has a mobile phone has used some form of it. Whether its sharing Photos via Instagram to sharing Video on YouTube, the vast majority of people have used a form of Social Media to connect with others and stay in contact with each other. So why is this important to your business? This is important because most people like to spend some of their free time on social media. This means that when they’re online, you have an opportunity to grab their attention. Given the advancement of technology, most people carry what is essentially a portable computer. This means that when individuals have a few moments to spare, they usually take out their portable device and begin to browse the web. Social Media is a powerful tool for businesses to utilize as it can bring awareness to your brand.

When you browse any social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram, haven’t you noticed that there are a number of businesses that post content that is entertaining or educational? That is because those businesses know that people love to view entertainment during their downtime. They don’t want to see companies constantly trying to shove things in their face to try and sell stuff. Individuals like to watch interesting videos or photos that are out of the ordinary. 

So, now that we have established why Social Media is important for your business. Lets list some of the best types of posts that can help you raise brand awareness: