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Online Marketing Agency Supports Black Business Month in West Orange, NJ

online marketing agency supports black business monthAugust is Black Business Month. It is a time to spotlight our Black Business Community. With care and encouragement, we strive to increase awareness of what our local Black businesses have to offer. On August 15, The West Orange Human Relations Commission (HRC) hosted a Bloc Party on Valley Road and Hazel Avenue in West Orange, New Jersey. Wearing masks and following social distancing guidelines, residents of West Orange and neighboring towns ventured out to back Black Business owners, uplift the community, and strengthen the local economy.

Techdesigno supports Black Businesses and Black Business Month. They were one of the businesses that worked and presented at a table at the Bloc Party; Thanks to the West Orange Art Council. It was a wonderful opportunity for the community of West Orange to connect with diverse business owners and fellow entrepreneurs. According to the National Black Chamber of Commerce (NBCC), 80 percent of Black business owners say that because of their race, they face more obstacles getting their businesses rolling. Not to mention that 76 percent of Black business owners verbalized the negative impact COVID-19 had on their companies. But the good news is, according to the NBCC survey, 75 percent have seen an increase in business thanks to supporting the Black Lives Matter movement.

At the West Orange NJ Bloc Party, the Techdesigno team devoted their time to answer questions about the many services their company provides—web design, SEO and SEM, social media, blogging, content creation, marketing, videography, and photography, to name a few. Based in West Orange, NJ Techdesigno focuses on website design, as well as online marketing services for businesses or personal utilization.

Businesses seek Techdesigno services to help evaluate their website presence, website traffic, and website performance. The Google Performance Test illustrates how fast and effective your website runs. Monitoring and correcting third party online directory listings can improve Google rankings so that Techdesigno can help you drive more traffic to your company’s website.

2 SEO Strategies That Have Helped Our Clients in Montclair, NJ

SEO montclair nj

Techdesigno in West Orange, NJ knows that the past few months have been devastating to all business owners in Montclair, NJ. With the governor requiring closures for many industries, it is clear that businesses will need to pivot quickly to find new ways to provide services and goods to their customers. Almost every type of local business will face huge challenges as they try to avoid layoffs and meet basic operational expenses like rent, payroll, and even inventory. We do know that small businesses across the state of New Jersey will lose tens of millions of dollars as a result of the pandemic.

Albert Einstein once said, “In the middle of every difficulty lies opportunity.” We’ve seen evidence of this recently. There are some business owners that we're able to think outside of the box and respond quickly to current circumstances. These are the businesses that have been able to meet the needs of past and potential customers and actually expand their businesses.

Here are two (2) things you can do that may change these challenges into opportunities.

1. Take the pulse of your digital content like websites; social media page and online directory listings to make sure that your customers know when and how you can serve them:

Techdesigno in West Orange, NJ Donates Marketing Design Services to Help Support A Local Non-Profit

IMG 7216 traci 72 FBIt was a "match" made in heaven. Not the kind of match that lights cigarettes, but the kind that takes the talents and passions of each participant and combines them so they achieve more than they could by working individually.

That's exactly what happened when John Mitrano, Owner and Founder of Techdesigno, first met Jihadah Sharif, CEO of Creative Spirits of the State of New Jersey.  Creative Spirits, a nonprofit organization that has several decades of experience educating New Jersey’s African American community about the dangers of tobacco, wanted to expand and build their digital online marketing footprint. Mitrano knew when he saw Sharif's compassion and commitment, that he could help her.

Creative Spirits' mission is to spread the important message about the consequences of tobacco dependency. Their engaging and innovative workshops teach New Jersey residents, especially those in Essex County, how to say no to tobacco products and say yes to positive and creative community building endeavors. 

Creative Spirits also reminds its audience that the money that is spent on cigarettes and other tobacco products could be better spent providing much needed housing, education and social programs for underserved communities. Educators, parents, clergy, medical professionals and past smokers assist Creative Spirits in spreading the important message about the consequences of tobacco dependency. 

Serving Up Websites  to Pancakes in West Orange, Essex County, NJ

WO unico 720pxWhen the pancake grill was heated and the attendees started filing into the West Orange High School cafeteria, John Mitrano of UNICO Orange/West Orange, NJ was there to make the pancakes for the 300+ attendees. John was one of a number of UNICO member volunteers that arrived at 7am to begin preparations for a special event every year to honor and recognize local athletes and their coaches in our community. Chapter members do all the cooking and serve the attendees at the event.

This was for The 46th Annual UNICO Sports Award Breakfast honoring athletes from local high schools which included Orange High School, West Orange High School, Seton Hall Prep and Golda Och Academy. Former New York Ranger's Adam Graves was the featured speaker at this year's event. This year's UNICO Sports Breakfast event raised $29,000. These funds are used to give support to these talented, high-achieving athletes in the form of college scholarships, for cancer research, and given to mental health charities. UNICO’s motto is “Service Above Self”

Happy Mother’s Day to All the Mothers of the World!

pattistren mothersday for webEach and every one of us here at Techdesigno in West Orange, NJ wishes all the Mother’s out there in the world a very Happy Mother’s Day! We know that this is a special time to celebrate all the important Mothers in our lives. Because of this coronavirus pandemic, more than ever, we come to realize the importance of what a loving and compassionate Mother is to us all. Let’s remember to thank them for all that they do. Also, all of us here at Techdesigno in West Orange, NJ want you to know that we are here for you.