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59 Main Street - Suite 337, West Orange, NJ 07052

Meet One of Our Favorite Customers: David Brown!

Tech David

This morning David Brown stopped by at Techdesigno's office in West Orange, New Jersey for our quarterly meetings. To our surprise, David brings in a box of donuts to sweeten our morning!

Meet Lisa Our Photographer Expert at Techdesigno in West Orange, NJ

lisa 1 web

Meet Lisa, our expert portrait photographer here at Techdesigno in West Orange,NJ. She ensures that all the photographs that she takes of our clients come out looking beautiful and professional. For example, when we had our Free Portrait Night & Networking Event at the West Orange Arts Center in West Orange, NJ, Lisa was there to make sure that all our clients and guest received a great professional portrait.

Free Portrait Night & Networking Event in West Orange, NJ

woarts front facade

If you are around the West Orange, NJ area, we are offering the opportunity for you to get a professional portraiture of yourself to include on your social media accounts or websites. Please join us for our Free professional Portrait Session that is open to the general public on Thursday, January 11th from 6pm-9pm. There is no cost to attend this event or have your portrait taken.

Do You Want to Out Position Your Competition on Google?

rsz google search logo

Google's search development team constantly updates and tweaks the Google search algorithm regularly. This includes the mobile search compatibility algorithmic update which went active on April 21, 2015. It is critically important to be sure that your business has been tested for compatibility. Google says that you may be penalized when people search using Google on their mobile devices and you're company's website is not mobile-friendly or mobile-optimized.

We can run a simple free test which will analyze your website addresses URL and report if the page has a mobile-friendly design. We have Certified SEO Specialists on staff as part of our design team. 

Here are 9 tips and web site strategies that would boost your position in Google's Search Engine results pages. These activities can help you with SEO startegies and improve traffic, as well as, potentially increase sales through your web site and associated online properites. You may consider implementing these SEO strategies yourself or you can certainly seek our help in taking care of these technical aspects on your behalf:

  1. Meta Tags
  2. File Naming Conventions
  3. Keyword Selection & Keyword Density
  4. Alt Tags & Anchor Text
  5. File Structure
  6. Search Engine Submissions
  7. Anchor Text
  8. HTML & XML Site Map
  9. Targeted Directories

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to discuss what we can do for you, your business or organization. 

Is SEO a Top Secret Process that can only be done by SEO Specialists?

backlinksThere are many people that feel intimidated and bewildered by the concept of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Some think its all a secret that can only be conducted by highly technical people or programmers. Some think all SEO activities need to be done by SEO experts and specialists. SEO can certainly appear confusing and impossible for the common person to do. This is merely a misnomer. This is simply inaccurate and wrong! There are many types of online activities that can be simply done by any non-technicial person. Let's list some of these activities that you can consider doing on your own.

5 Ways to Improve your SEO by Yourself:

1) Write an Article.
You can write an article and publish it on your own website, or your own online properties, or submit it to a third-party publication. Articles written today are most desirable if they are short and sweet. You do not have to think that you have to write a 10-page thesis on a topic or subject. 2-3 paragraphs are usually more than enough.